Nyanko lock and DIY padded camera inserts (made from really old board shorts and foam) for my black bag.

Most importantly, the thing to prevent easy pickpocketing when travelling: a carabiner on the bag’s D-ring to hook the bag zipper onto. Totally got the idea from Pacsafe anti-theft bag zippers but it definitely works wonders for peace of mind. (The Nyanko lock was just a step up on the carabiner, and I only used that at night or on the flights.)

What’s in my travel bag: glasses (though off flights I mostly used contacts), powder pact, multi-tool (lifesaver!), scrunchie, tickets, necklace, medicine pouch, card key, wet wipes, tissue, moleskine sketchbook, pencil, sketch pen (sans wallet, passport and the camera that’s being used to take the shot). Forgot to put the iPhone there as well….

Train tickets, d’Orsay exhibition (free museum day), boarding pass and hotel key.

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